Flow Like the Ocean

I was so in awe of the flow of the ocean on the weekend at Wollongong.

What if for one week, or even one day, we all just flowed through life like the ocean, letting it unfold, letting our energy lead us through our day, without any schedules, appointments, control, fears, distractions, time frames or agendas.

What if we dropped it all and paid attention to and explored where our energy and hearts might lead us? Either being drawn to or away from certain situations, places, people, etc.

What if we didn’t have to rush off to be somewhere and just stopped to enjoy where we are? What if we could be fully present in conversation with someone without having to worry about getting something done?

What if we stopped holding back how we feel and let ourselves be vulnerable? What if we dropped the walls and just opened our heart to allow flow and connection?

What if we signed up to that activity we’ve been energetically drawn to for ages but too afraid to explore? What if we ditched that thing we’ve been making ourselves do or go to out of obligation or against our will, rather than from curiosity or bliss?

What if we danced openly, freely and expressively like no one was watching?

It might seem like we wouldn’t get anything done or that it would be uncomfortable (ego concerns?), but don’t things always seem to get done or work out how they are supposed to anyway? In just the right time and the right way that they need to? Doesn’t vulnerability, discomfort and expression create freedom?

I wonder if the more we let go and live in flow, that maybe we create space for beautiful opportunities to come to us, for meaningful synchronicities to become more noticeable, frequent and fluid, and more energy for the fun/important stuff.

Nature has no schedules, timeframes or agendas… except for one maybe… to be the full expression of itself.

What if we did that for one whole day? What would/could happen?


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