This has come up for me so much lately… even to the point where I saw FOMO written on a wall when walking down to Cronulla Beach the other day.

This fear seems to be universal to the human psyche… I know I experience it at times, and especially lately it’s something that has been present in several situations, resulting in triggers and a whole lot of the small, shadow self coming out.

What I’ve learned to look at in myself when this fear arises, is where are my needs not being met? What is it that I actually desire? What is actually going on here within me? What’s deeper than that and where does this stem from? 🤷‍♀️

All big questions that take time to explore but are worth looking into ❤️

What if that feeling one desires to feel when we “think” we are missing out, is already here? That feeling of love, bliss, connection, belonging, peace, contentment and happiness? What if you can feel and experience that feeling and not actually miss out? What if you could see the situation or experience that you think you missed out on as a reminder that you don’t need to seek outside of yourself for all of this? .

Hmmm… Food for thought… 🧐🤓

Can you relate? Would love to know your thoughts or experiences with this. Share underneath!