Exploring Compassion

Recently on the yoga mat was an exploration of compassion. What a great reminder as always!

For me, this is twofold. Compassion of self and compassion of others… which is essentially the same thing. Compassion allows us to see ourselves in others. It can also dissolve the separation that is created between “you” and “me”.

Compassion brings us back to the heart-space, where love, kindness, gratitude and joy reside. Seeing the world and life through eyes of compassion, allows us to live more from the heart and less from the mind. .

I also see compassion as a mindfulness practice. – When we become aware of when something or someone triggers us and we are able to make a conscious choice to be compassionate instead of reactive.
– When we catch our minds in self judgement, putting pressure on ourselves or giving ourselves a hard time, then choosing to have compassion for ourselves.
– When we catch ourselves judging others in conflict, for different perspectives and different ways of being.

It can be easier said than done sometimes, but just like anything, it is a practice.

Can you choose compassion over self judgement?

Can you choose compassion over judging others?

Can you remember that we are all just doing our best with what we know and the resources we have?

What is your experience of compassion? Share below!

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