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Ancestral Wisdom, Sound Healing and Medicine Ceremony

Saturday 21st April

Facilitated by Patricio SAndoval and co-hosted by Lucy Lichtenstein


Learn the ancestral ways of ceremony, prayer and ritual of the native people of South America, from Ecuadorian sound healer and medicine man, Patricio SAndoval.

Patricio shares with you sacred traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation in his lineage, and now to you, in order for you to receive valuable healing tools to take home and integrate in your own life.

The evening includes a ceremony, sound healing, *sacred rapé tobacco (pronounced har-pay or rar-pay) *optional. Rapé is a legal sacred plant that has been used in ancient traditional cultures that offers a subtle grounding effect and allows opening of the heart. It is especially powerful to experience leading into the sound healing journey as a wonderful synergy.

Lucy will be assisting Patricio in this ceremony. This is a unique experience and encourages the journey back to your spirit, to reconnect with your true Self and remember who you are.

Sound healing has been used for many thousands of years as a traditional form of healing. More recently it has become an alternative medicine for stress, sleep disorders and anxiety. Through the use of a variety of methods and instruments such as medicine drums, crystal bowls, guitar, many kinds of flutes and vocal sounds and chants, participants are guided into a deep state of meditation where the vibrations made by the instruments used, match and raise the frequency of parts of the body that suffer from blockages.

Patricio will take you through an amazing sound healing journey with Native American flute, medicine drum, guitar, chanting and throat singing.

MEET PATRICIO – For more on Patricio, visit his Facebook page here.
Patricio is an Ecuadorian sound healer, musician, medicine man and traditional healer.

Patricio: “This project, and vision is about remembering who we are as beings on this planet. It is a way to remember and honor Mother Earth through the wisdom teachings of the grandfathers and grandmothers, which are the guardians of the millennia legacy for life on this earth. It is a journey that serves the path of knowledge, service, commitment, and love.”

Lucy is a wellness writer, women’s circle facilitator, yoga teacher, holder of space and podcast host of the Podcast.

Lucy believes in spreading love, health, kindness and inspiration. Her path of heart is to share from experience to serve, support, hold space for and walk alongside others on a simultaneous journey home to the Self.


Saturday 21st April, 6:00-8:30pm. Please arrive 10 minutes early to ensure we are able to commence ceremony on time.
Sutherland Yoga – Suite 3, 2A/16 Boyle Street, Sutherland. 2232.

Water and a water bottle. There will be some extra water provided if required.

Cost is $65 per person (+ booking fee)

To reserve your space, please book your ticket through the “GET TICKETS” button below. It is recommended to book in advance as places in ceremony are limited to 18 people and this will fill up.


Phone: 0487 992 234 (Lucy)



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