*Human vulnerability share*

Without saying “I am”, I will say, “there is” self-consciousness here…. Yep, the usually strong, confident, calm me has a version of internal “not good enough” and “belonging” stuff that may or may not look like it on the surface, but it’s there. Not a huge amount of it anymore, but there are still remnants… enough to notice when I allow myself to be vulnerable.

And it came up for me in an experience this week with two dear friends that were holding my space…. There were a few things going on, but this was a space in which I felt safe enough to not try to hide it like I have before. Thank you, my loves, you know who you are ❤️❤️

So anyway, my point is, it’s ok. And if you are reading this and you can relate, know this. You are not alone. And it’s really ok. It doesn’t define you or de-value you. We all have our “stuff”. These things are universal.

How to work with, work on or heal? Well, it’s not always so clear cut. But, being aware and acknowledging it is a powerful first step. Self-inquiry and really taking a good look at you from within. Unravelling earlier life “stuff”. Noticing and feeling sensations within that may come up. Noticing the thoughts and the energy of them. Having your space held by trusted and beloved others so you can express, feel and be supported can really help too. It’s a journey, process and practice.

If something comes up for you with any of this, I invite you to sit with the discomfort and embrace it (not always easy, but try) as an opportunity to learn, grow, expand, connect, remember and heal….