Creating Space for Flow

Creating space…. This is a recurring theme in my life and usually comes up for me when I’m going through transitions, expansion and shifts. Right now it is a major theme in a few areas. With work/play, I’ve realised that I’m doing too many things and feel the desire to shift my focus on where I can best be of service. I will be taking time away from the podcast for a little while to reassess where I’m heading with it. I feel that this will create space to put more energy into women’s circles, yoga, workshop and other event creations, and perhaps even allow room for opportunities in this arena to come into my life. It’s already happening.

Creating space in relationships has been another one for me lately, and I’ve also already felt the energetic space open and free itself up for other exciting things.

Sometimes life becomes busy and full, and as a result, can block the freedom of flow in some areas. When we create space we allow for new and exciting things to enter our lives. But if there’s no space, where is the room for this flow in and flow out?? This is part of the cycles of change… Birth, growth, renewal, death, rebirth/regeneration

Is your life flowing right now? Or are things a little stagnant? Ask yourself… Where can I create space in my life for flow, expansion and new excitement to enter???

Playing the game of life becomes more enjoyable and in some cases (almost) effortless when one can allow the cycles of life to do their thing. These cycles are linked to the cycles of nature (because we are nature), and continually move to enable regeneration of new life as patterns of change.

If we look at the seasonal cycle of a tree as it moves through the patterns of change, from seed to sprout, to seedling, sappling, adult, elder and death, we can see that death is a part of life. This can easily be something that we shy away from, as it seems like it’s the end or it’s final, not realising that it is necessary for regeneration of new life. It is all part of the fuller picture that honours nature, and without death, there cannot be regeneration… there cannot be new life. In nature, using the example of the tree dying, this provides other life forms food, such as insects, as well as fertilisation for more generations of plants and trees.

If we look at ourselves, we are facilitating the birth to death cycle all the time. The death of narratives/stories, fears, limiting beliefs, emotional blockages, etc. We also experience this through relationships, jobs, projects, chapters in our lives. All of this paves the way for regenerating the psyche, growth and expansion of consciousness.

After each completion of these cycles always comes growth. Allowing change and new life in as one flows with the river of life, is a continual practice. Sometimes there is resistance and fear, making it easy to get stuck at the banks. This is all part of the process and the whole, and perhaps, in order to flow, resistance is necessary… almost like an intricate dance of movement and stillness, that cannot be separated, are relative to each other, and neither can exist without the other.

Let it go to let it flow…


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