Walking through the depths of a dark forest…. I see a flicker of bright light through the trees.
Curious in wonderment, I head towards the light.
I notice the freshness and crispness of the air as my feet carry me across the ground.
I notice the sound of the bell bird, guiding me, reminding me that I am safe.
I notice the glistening of the leaves on the tallest trees… the trees providing the container for the whole forest to be grounded into the earth.
I notice the footprints along the ground, wondering who may have walked this path before me.
I notice the harmony of blended scents – a simultaneous sweetness and earthiness.
I notice the most magnificent Grandfather tree, imagining how long it has been here, and the sacredness of its existence.
I notice the aliveness of all of my surroundings… the gift of Mother Earth.
I notice the calm and peaceful energy of the forest, as I take on this energy and become one with all around me.
I notice the beauty in all of nature….
The journey through the forest brings me closer to the light ahead.
I reach the place where the light beams so freely, illuminating all that is.
And as I bathe in the light, I realise I am home…. This light is within me….