Love Heals (Poem)

My writings are usually inspired by light… But this was inspired by thinking about anyone who’s ever had to walk through extreme darkness. For every friend I’ve ever had that has been hurt so badly that it hurts me too. For anyone that has had to endure unimaginable pain… For every member of this human […]

The Quieter You Become, the More You Can Hear (Poem)

Ssshhh…. quiet… can you hear that? Hear what? A whisper. Louder. A call. Louder. A crying out. Louder. A song. Louder. A symphony…. Wait… I think I can hear it. Ssshhh… What are you listening to??? Why, it’s the sound of the heart… that’s always speaking, that’s always singing, that’s always dancing, that’s always loving…. […]

Love Lives On (I Love You Dad)

I wrote a poem for my Dad. June 18th, 2017 is the 10th anniversary since he passed away. Type 1 diabetes and its associated health complications became a battle of many years, both for him and our family. He was and still continues to be my biggest inspiration, alongside my Mum. He was a colourful, […]

She is (Poem)

For every sister… From me to you. She sits on the mountain top. The wind brushes her long, multi-toned brown hair. Her eyes a misty blue with a sparkle that reflects the stars above her. Her heart beats gently and lovingly in her chest, overflowing with gratitude and joy as she remembers the mysterious beauty […]

I Am Everything and I Am Nothing (Poem)

Inspired by women’s circle the other night. Wildness. Heart wisdom. Non-duality. Nature. Here is an expression from my heart to yours…. I am everything and I am nothing. I am the light that begins a new day, I am the tide where the ocean breaks. I am the fire that illuminates the dark, I am […]

Expression of the Innate (Poem)

Inspired by a recent experience… a mind blowing, heart opening, collective conscious, inner healing journey with my soul brothers at the Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People show. There was incredible synchronicity at this event. Before the show started, my friend Nathan and I were discussing “getting in your own way” in life. And what happens during […]

Inspired by Mother Nature and Earth Medicine (Poem)

Sometimes words just flow and I have to write them down and share them. This came to me after the fact of some incredible, life-changing experiences. From my heart to yours (one and the same)…   Oh mother, there is no other. You give us all we need. You ARE all we need. Even if […]