Come Home (Poem)

Imagine…. Walking through the depths of a dark forest…. I see a flicker of bright light through the trees. Curious in wonderment, I head towards the light. I notice the freshness and crispness of the air as my feet carry me across the ground. I notice the sound of the bell bird, guiding me, reminding […]

Reconnected (Poem)

R E C O N N E C T E D… … as a tree grounded into the earth, she provides support, she provides nourishment, she nurtures us, she speaks to us in whispers, in waves, in sounds, in silence. She watches us grow. She is our foundation. She is alive. She is life. Right […]

Mother (Poem)

The magnificence of Mother Nature as a storm brewed over Cronulla beach the other night while I was doing a photoshoot. This photo inspired the following words… As the storm ⛈ clouds caress the blue grey sky 💨 A mirror of the earth beneath 🌊 💦 The Mother shows her magical Self Leaving behind the richness of her embrace 🌏 She […]

In the Shadows (Poem)

You passed through me in a dream, Like leaves floating down stream. I could see you in the shadows of the mulberry tree, Where I was you, And you were me. Then as I looked into your eyes, It came as no surprise. That the mirror staring back at me, Was a reflection that I […]

When Women Gather (Poem)

I was inspired to write a poem that reflects my experience of attending and facilitating women’s circles…..   Here we gather in this circle space. Sharing words, sharing wisdom, what a sacred place. I light a candle for you as you sit across from me. I hold your hand for support as we heal simultaneously. […]

She Remembers (Poem)

Creativity often flows in cycles for me. Spending this weekend immersed in yoga teacher training has sparked some flowing words and metaphors…. As the sandy shores hold space for her feet to stroll across them, towards the distant sound of a beating drum… she wonders what lays ahead… for all she knows is that she […]

Dreaming and Transcendence (Poem)

Dreaming. Transcending the human experience. Timelessness. A place where there is no space. Suspended in pure awareness. A felt sense of knowing. The unity of one. Where nothing exists but unfiltered consciousness. I have no name. There is nothing to be had. A body… What’s that? Watching what is always here, but not always seen. […]

Life Through the Senses (Poem)

Imagine…. The sight of a magnificent sunset, where blue tones wash away the sky, leaving behind riches of reds, oranges and yellows… as the cycles of nature bring forth the closing of another day…. The taste of a fragrant, sweet and tangy fruit, picked at the perfect moment, a balance of ripeness and richness, leaving […]

Heart Explosion (Poem)

Inspired by a heart explosion……….. Coloured lights and fractal patterns. This place looks familiar. It seems I’ve been here before. But it’s not the same me. And it’s not the same place. Layers of thoughts dissolve into oblivion. No sense or feeling of body. Or mind. What lays deep within the psyche? What is left […]

The Life of a Hummingbird (Poem)

Come with me on an adventure darling, take my hand and I’ll take yours. Lets walk this path, straight ahead, First east, then maybe north. Come to think of it, let’s forget the directions and allow the path to unfold, In any which way, wherever it may lead, Let’s be brave and let’s be bold. […]