Be The Experience

B E • T H E • E X P E R I E N C E

This was the theme in my first community class.

What if the experience of yoga or of life wasn’t happening TO you, but it was happening AS you? What if YOU are the experience itself?

It’s something I’ve been exploring in my yoga practice and in life… as more of a feeling state than a thinking state… to explore how the whole of me moves through class or throughout my day, as the experience. Free or not so free? Whole or separate? How is this expressed?

Alan Watts says “You are the universe experiencing itself”…. So if you are not separate from the universe, and if all of this, is you… how might this shift your perception or relationship with yourself or with others?

For me, when I realised that maybe the experience of life was happening as me and through me, it shifted how I perceived myself to be and my relationship with self/Self. It also changed how I relate to and interact with others.

I realised that when you peel away all the layers from each of us, underneath it all, we are all the same being. This is the commonality between us. This is what connects us to each other. All that is here, all that there is, is love…. ❤️

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