“Even the moments that feel like the greatest annihilation invite us to be present, alive and informed.” ~ 

It seems there’s a lot being shaken up to start off this year in the lives of many around me. Boats being rocked. Pots being stirred. The works. I have also experienced this recently.

This statement serves as a great reminder to call yourself into presence. To stop and consciously look at what is happening, how you are being or what you are doing. A wake up call of sorts. ..

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, there is light within the dark… eventually 🐵

If you are going through something that feels like a massive annihilation, this may be a call to dig deep, to see the “shit” come up (knowing it’s not true), to look at and be present to what is here, to what is happening within you, to work towards letting go, and therefore, to evoke great healing and expansion.

I have a feeling this year needed to begin with a mass exodus of shit clearing in order for each of us to become even stronger, to expand the capacity of our hearts to love, to show up in the world at full power, to serve as best as possible and to create the space for flow. At least that feels true for me and is currently happening. How does this sit with you?

What may feel like an annihilation is usually a huge opportunity for healing, growth and experience. It’s not always clear cut and easy. You may want to cry a thousand rivers, headbutt the wall, hide under the covers or break something, but you’ll get there, to the other side. You always do. Remember impermanence. “This too, shall pass.”

You always have the capability within you. Know you are strong, you are supported and you’ve got this!

What has been present for you this year so far? What have you learned from it? I’d love to know! Share underneath!