Lessons from the Jungle: Wholeness

I recently had one of the most incredible experiences of my life where I spent almost 3 weeks in Peru for shamanic ceremonies and nature immersion. The idea of wholeness was something that came up for me a lot. Before Peru, this was just an intellectual concept, as well as a fleeting state that I […]

Yin Yoga Sequence: 60 Minute Up-the-Wall Sequence

I’m all about experiencing life from different perspectives and trying new things, and I recently I realised that I have never taught a wall class before. I like the idea of using the wall for support and creating a different experience for students. There are several metaphors within this that I feel can mirror everyday […]

Gathering in Circle is like Breathing

Our breath is essential for life. It IS life. Without it we wouldn’t be here. Our breath nourishes us on many levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The breath is a bridge between the Body-Mind, and the doorway to consciousness. It is our connection to all beings, to spirit, to all of life. Community and connection […]

Yin Yoga Philosophy: The Power of Space and Silence

Lately I’ve been remembering what a gift it is to have silence in everyday life. It’s so refreshing and calming to have contrast to the daily noise and distraction. When there is silence, there is space for inner wisdom to be heard. There is space for mind “stuff” to come up and look at. There […]

The Power of Connection

What is connection? Is it feeling so full and happy within yourself that you feel like you could burst? Is it feeling like you are part of a group, a community, a tribe, and something greater than yourself? Is it when I let down my walls, and give you permission to let down yours, and […]

Yin Yoga Sequence: 60 Minutes (Challenge in Stillness)

This sequence came about after a challenge I was presented with at a studio I have recently been covering Yin classes at. It includes some of the more challenging, yang-like poses that I wouldn’t normally teach in class. You can read more about this and the context, here. Sequence Cesar (Toe) Pose (2 minutes) > […]

Yin Yoga Sequence: 60 Minutes (Flow in Silence)

This sequence came about when I decided to teach a class in (mostly) complete silence – no music, minimal talking from me (except presenting the intention at the start of class, guiding into the poses and counter poses, and short sentences here and there as students settle into each pose). The idea was to take […]

Yin Yoga Philosophy: The Challenge to Be Still (Includes a challenge I was presented with)

True or false? It’s harder to be still than to move…. It’s harder to “just be” than to do, do. do. Who would have thought that doing nothing could be harder than doing all the things? The deeper I dive down the Yin Yoga rabbit hole of stillness, reconnecting and knowing thyself, the more I […]

Yin Yoga Sequence: 20 Minute At-Home Timesaver Sequence

A Yin Sequence for Home Practice Although I love going to class to practice Yin, being around the energy of the group, teacher and community vibes, sometimes life gets busy and I don’t have time to make it to the studio. Yin teacher training with Sarah Owen really inspired me to implement a short practice […]

Yin Yoga Sequence: 40 Minute At-Home Sequence

A Yin Sequence for Home Practice Here’s how you can implement it easily into your day without needing to travel to and from a yoga studio. A pranayama breath practice, 6 poses and Savasana. All you need is about 40 minutes. You can do this on a mat or in bed. Your choice. Remember to […]