Flowstate and the Dance that Moved Me

My recent BaliSpirit Festival experience brought me so many gifts. Another one of them was tapping into a deep flow state like no other. I’ve been in flow before in many different ways, but this was something else. For me flow feels like a full immersion, presence and embodiment of my experience in the moment. There is […]


I’m back from Bali and had one of the most incredible weeks of my life at Bali Spirit Festival! While in Bali recently, I found myself tap into a state of presence that I had not felt in the same way before. Wherever I was, I was only there with who and what was in […]

Know Thyself

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Who am I?” How do you identify yourself? Is it by your family role, job title, your interests, gender, age, other characteristics or descriptions? For example, do you define yourself as a caring, compassionate, loving person? Do you define yourself as a daughter, mother, brother, wife, husband, friend, […]

Go Deeper into the Shadows

Lately I’ve been talking a fair bit about the shadow self that seems to be coming out in myself and so many people around me A LOT this year (The shadow self being aspects of oneself that we don’t want to face and/or hide away from others… repressed instincts, weakness, embarrassing fears, desires, impulses… such […]

Can You Stay?

This is a question I have been asking myself a lot this year. . Can I stay with the discomfort and shadow parts of myself that can be painful to see, uncomfortable to feel, messy to experience, but also powerful to integrate and heal? Can I stay when all I really want to do is […]

Be Present To What Is

“Even the moments that feel like the greatest annihilation invite us to be present, alive and informed.” ~ @drscottlyons It seems there’s a lot being shaken up to start off this year in the lives of many around me. Boats being rocked. Pots being stirred. The works. I have also experienced this recently. This statement serves […]

Allow Yourself to be Held

There is something so beautiful about being held by another. Whether it’s physically, emotionally or energetically, the contact and connection is so healing. My beautiful friend Rachel @hazel_moonlight asked me recently to sit in front of her on a meditation cushion. She then came up behind me, wrapped her arms around me and started massaging my head, […]

Connect With Me

CONNECT WITH ME 🙏 Do you want to know how you can connect with me more this year??? (besides bringing me sweet potato paleo brownies?!) 😆 💕 Women’s Circles at @hyayoga Miranda on the first Wednesday of each month. 💕 Reconnected Tribe Online Women’s Circles on the first Friday of each month, commencing March/April. 💕 Reconnected Grounding […]

Fear of Missing Out

FEAR OF MISSING OUT 🤦‍♀️🙈🙉🐵 This has come up for me so much lately… even to the point where I saw FOMO written on a wall when walking down to Cronulla Beach the other day. This fear seems to be universal to the human psyche… I know I experience it at times, and especially lately […]

Yin Yoga Philosophy: Yin and Sound Medicine Journeys

Since coming home from Peru, so many of you that come to my Yin classes have shared your experiences of feeling like you’re being taken on a journey into the jungle, the Amazon or Peru through class. Some of you don’t even know I spent time there. This warms my heart and I can feel […]