Answer the Call

“If you hear the call, answer the phone.”

These words dropped in as I was making dinner the other night.

Are you feeling called by something deep within you, but you’re ignoring it and not taking steps to be doing what you love and what your heart knows is for you?

This was me a few years ago until I stepped into yoga, then women’s circles, then sound healing. I stopped listening to the little voice inside my head that said I couldn’t or shouldn’t or I’m not ready or I’m NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

The mind voices are still here, although a lot less than before, but I don’t let them stop me… for long. If I bought into all of that to the point of not taking action, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing right now.

I got to a point where I had no choice but to really follow the deeper calls from within. I had two choices…. Love the life I live… OR… Wish I was living a different life. I had to answer the call!

Yoga helped. Meditation helped. Sound healing helped. Plant healing helped! These practices helped clear the shit that was getting in my way. They helped reconnect me with deep parts of myself that I didn’t know about. They helped bring to the light the gifts I share with you today. They helped put me in alignment with my path and community… And they continue to do so!

What are you being called to do? Who are you being called to be? And are you going to answer the phone? ❤️


Do you feel called to run women’s circles? Have you done your circle facilitator training, but you don’t have the confidence or support to start your circles? I have some good news for you. Women’s Circle support program is coming later this year! Stay in the loop and receive your free gift by joining my newsletter at the bottom right hand corner of this page!

Want to attend my women’s circles?

If you’re in Sydney, Women’s Circles with Sound Healing gathers on the first Wednesday of each month at HYA Yoga Miranda from 7:30-9:30pm. You can find out more here.

Not in Sydney? Reconnected Tribe Online Women’s Circles gathers on the last Friday of each month on Zoom from 7:00-8:30pm. You can be anywhere in the world! Stay up to date here.

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