Ancient Wisdom: Remembering and Knowing

Ancient wisdom. Traditional wisdom. Ancestral wisdom. Ancient knowing. Ancient remembering. It all makes so much sense to me now. Previously these were intellectual concepts… and now, experientially, I feel it all so deeply in my heart, in my whole being. Follow me on this journey for a moment…

For many years of being down the rabbit hole of nutrition and health, I developed an ancestral and rewilding view and approach to life as a human, to live as closely as possible to nature and our natural design. There has always been a flavour of the concept of traditional wisdom that spun through the learnings, experiences and beliefs I had. It was always about the traditional wisdom of our ancestors that lived in alignment with and honoured nature, our true home, and had tried and tested methods of eating, living and being, that provided wellness, happiness and healthy expression of our (still) ancient DNA,  long before modern life came to be and turned everything upside down.

For many years, I ran with all this, partly through my own experience of making shifts in this direction which brought many health improvements for me, but also to a degree, this was a concept that I believed to be true through what seemed to make sense, in theory.

I’ve played with and felt in to the inquiry and realisation of: How can we know if something is true, unless it has been directly experienced and felt deeply? There is a difference between thinking and understanding something with the mind intellectually, or feeling it and knowing it deeply in the heart.

Attending and facilitating women’s circles has also been a part of ancient knowing and remembering in my life. But the truth is, it wasn’t until a recent healing journey that I deeply felt and embodied this knowing and remembering on a DNA level. During this experience, I started to see what looked and felt to me like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and patterns. It felt as though I was taken to an ancient time period.

I could feel deeply in my cells, in my DNA…. a download of ancient wisdom transmuted into me, through me and as me. Whoa! I remembered. I remembered who I was (am) and what I was (am) here to do. I remembered what it was like to be together, sit together, as a whole tribe, and as a group of women. I remembered the deep, tribal part of me… of us. I remembered that part of my work with women’s circles is transmitting this ancient wisdom to those that come to sit in circle.

The message was so clear.

Wow! Seriously. It was intensely beautiful but also a lot to take in. I sat with it. I felt it. I let it wash over me. I received it. And I felt… relieved. Overwhelmed. Emotional. Overflowing with love. Grateful. And then in this space, when I thought of women’s circle, I connected so deeply to this ancient remembering…. ancient knowing. It became a part of me. It has always been a part of me. But now I really felt it. I remembered it. I knew it.

I asked out loud, “But why me? Why am I a transmitter of this?” The response that came through was simple, yet powerful. “Because you can handle it. And because you can articulate it.” Wow.

Since this experience, the ancient wisdom has continued to permeate throughout my life in many ways. Whether it shows up in songs, books and documentaries that find me, like in many Murray Kyle songs such as “Reconnected” (now the theme song for the Reconnected.me Podcast), The Lineage of the Codes of Light, sitting in circle, sitting in ceremony, joining conscious gatherings, being with my sacred tribes or being in nature and feeling it deeply, this message is infused in my being and daily existence.

At the first Reconnected.me Women’s Circle of 2018, the felt sense of this knowing and remembering came alive as we opened circle. Rushes of energy pulsing through my heart. As we sat in circle, a recognition of something so sacred was expressed within me. Then as we closed circle and I dropped deeply into that place, I could feel it down to my bones, that I knew and remembered I had been here before….

You can find out more about the Reconnected.me Women’s Circle with Sound Healing Experience here.



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