There is something so beautiful about being held by another. Whether it’s physically, emotionally or energetically, the contact and connection is so healing.

My beautiful friend Rachel @hazel_moonlight asked me recently to sit in front of her on a meditation cushion. She then came up behind me, wrapped her arms around me and started massaging my head, shoulders and back. She asked: “How often do you allow yourself to be held?” .

I was so moved by the question that I completely let the weight of my body go, leaned back and relaxed into her arms. I received. This was pure medicine and nourishment for the soul. She really held and nurtured me.

I absolutely love cuddles, touch, affection, intimacy and cuddle puddles. My heart is open to it all… it feels so good and fills me up. This experience of being held took it to the next level. And even more so, being held so lovingly and innocently by another woman… Wow, so incredible and something I’d love to continue experiencing more of.

Ask yourself this question, “How often do you let yourself be held?” (I would even take that further and add… by someone other than a partner).

Pictured here, I am cradling and holding Rach, both of us topless, skin-to-skin, heart-to-heart, just like a baby, allowing her to glide through the water, weightlessly and being fully supported. I then had a turn at receiving this same experience. OMG, pure bliss.

These were some of those DO try this at home moments that I will never forget!

What would it feel like to look underneath the conditioning, to let go and let yourself open up to being held by another, for the pure joy and beauty of experience, nurture, love and connection? What could happen?