All Movement Matters. Move For Your Food.

I’ve gone back to buying nuts in shells again… Why? The main reason is that I am looking at ways that I can get more movement in my days and to reduce impact. I’ve been bear crawling or crab walking between my room and other rooms at home to take a break from the screen while working.

I’ve also been thinking about how i can get more movement obtaining my food. I don’t have a nut tree or gather nuts in the wild, which is the kind of movement we would have been doing ancestrally, as a health requirement, and what we are missing out on now… But, I walk to the markets to get my food (grateful for being able to do this). Plus, I just spent 10 minutes in a squat position opening 5 chestnuts. These are the types of things I am being mindful of and looking for opportunities to do. Small things add up to big things. Think of them as movement micro-nutrients…

Nuts usually come to us in a neat little package and have already been removed from their shell. We don’t have to do any work at all to be able to obtain or eat them. No searching, no climbing, no picking, no collecting, no squatting while cracking them open ourselves.

The movement that human health requires is not just about “exercise” or sweating it out. It’s about ALL the types of movements that enable us to live, survive and thrive in our environment (ie. Obtaining food, water, shelter, etc). Even though our world is now extremely different than that of our ancestral past, our bodies still have health requirements that include many movement nutrients and inputs.

Movement is life and we’ve outsourced so much of our body’s movement for convenience and products that make things convenient, which would have taken more work for someone else to move (possibly in undesirable conditions) to produce them, meaning again, less movement/work for us.

Finding opportunities in our day to move, whether big or small, adds up over a lifetime and is so important to be conscious of in a culture that is set up for being sedentary with health issues the world over.

My inspiration for writing this article is mainly from people like Bio-mechanist and movement geek, Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement and the Katy Says podcast. Check her out here.


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