2 Mistakes I Made When Leading Women’s Circles (That I Can Help You Avoid)

“When I see people stand fully in their truth, or when I see someone fall down, get back up, and say, ‘Damn. That really hurt, but this is important to me and I’m going in again’—my gut reaction is, ‘What a badass.’ ~ Brene Brown

Can I get a “hell yeah” for these powerful words by Brene?!

Is there any such thing as failure? My journey as a women’s circle facilitator has included some of the most fulfilling and moving times in my life, and it has also come with its fair share of challenges, struggles and “mistakes”. I choose to see what may be commonly perceived as a failure or mistake to be an opportunity for experience, learning, improvement and growth.

Since leading many circles over the years, starting from scratch with empty circles to full circles and putting myself out there in a meaningful way, many of you running your own circles or wanting to run circles have reached out to me for support and advice after coming up against challenges and not knowing how to move forward.

I’ve learned so much through my experiences and decisions, and I want to share with you 2 mistakes I’ve made along the way to help you avoid making them too.


This one runs deep and comes back to the universal core belief that we all experience, and that is around worthiness and self-worth.

Before I started leading circles I came up against the question of how much to charge. I received some advice from a few different people and kept going back and forth about not charging too much, worrying about women not being able to afford circle, the perception of my circle being expensive, etc. I realised how uncomfortable it made me feel to think about increasing prices higher than I had originally planned.

And so I went about 6 months charging much less than what I now know I am worth, and for the amount of time, energy and all the rest that goes into leading a circle. Because it was early days and circle numbers were inconsistent, it made it really challenging because sometimes I would put so much into it all without receiving much in return. I started to walk towards the direction of this not being sustainable for me.

I realised that I had been operating in a scarcity mindset and that I didn’t want to be putting that out there. I also realised, while there may be some women that can’t necessarily afford my circle regularly, there are women out there that can, and that’s who I would attract. I never want circle to be exclusive or create a barrier for some women to be able to attend, but there is also a fine line and balance with all that goes into it from my end. Truly, if I could do this work for free I would!

There are a few things to consider here…. I had to re-evaluate the value of my time and energy, the expenses incurred to run the circle, and on top of that, think about how much training, education and cost I have expended in order to be able to offer what I do. This wasn’t just a simple numbers game. I’ve done a lot of and continue to do deep healing work on my self-value, self-worth, self-love and confidence that all plays its part in this.

Today I know my value and leading circles is much more sustainable for me, so it allows me to be able to focus more on nurturing and creating the best experiences for my beautiful women!

Now there may be differing opinions, as some people will question whether to charge anything at all, or not charge much, but the way I see it is this… This is heart-based work in support of women and community. It benefits everyone, not just the women that attend circle, but also their family, friends, everyone! We all have to make a living in this world, so being paid for the time, effort, energy, cost, intention and love put into this kind of work, is more than ok! It also makes this sustainable to continue to offer this extremely important and valuable work, as well as being able to pay for costs of living.

Let’s make a list of some of the features and benefits of circle. I think you will agree that all of these things are more than worth the price of the circle space.

✅ Connection and sisterhood – so that you can find your tribe/community, feel supported and remember that we are all in this together and you never have to walk alone. 

✅ A space to share, learn and grow – so that you can uncover your confidence, believe in yourself and be the best version of you!

 ✅ A place of intention, acceptance and inspiration – so that you can become empowered and empower others as well! 

✅ A place to slow down and take time out for you – so that you can practice self-care and feel great! 

✅ A key part of health and wellness – so that you can be your happiest, most inspired, creative self, and live the best life you possibly can…. and so this is just the beginning!

Know and charge your value because you are worth it!


Many years ago I had a food delivery business, and after that experience didn’t work out, I went back to full time work, came off Facebook for a whole year and didn’t even have an Instagram account. It was amazingly freeing, let me tell you! And so, once I started to look at making circles a business offering, I knew I needed to get back on social media in a more serious way because that’s where most of my audience/ideal circle members would be!

But for months I had resistance and did not utilise social media as best I could. I went in blindly for a while, not really knowing how to properly navigate the space in a useful way. I felt like I was getting nowhere. Plus, I resisted self-promotion, and all of this came up against me because it perpetuated me questioning myself and what I was doing. Again, I was moving towards this not being a sustainable offering.

Once I finally pushed through the resistance (although sometimes it’s still there), I committed to posting regularly and learning more about how I could effectively use social media to grow circle and be able to connect with and support more women. I kept showing up. I also worked through many challenges with self-promotion which have become so much less over time as I continue to work on myself.

It took some time to learn, try, test, experience and find what works and what doesn’t, where time and energy is best spent and where it’s not, and I’m still learning as there is always plenty to discover, but today social media is the number one place I connect with new circle members and stay in contact with regular members. Now I know what you’re thinking… Do I really have to spend more time on there?

Once you become more familiar, learn some strategies for time efficiency, posting, connecting with your circle members and have a system going, it becomes much easier and less overwhelming, I promise!

Don’t waste time and opportunities or cause unnecessary stress like I did. Think of this as another way to connect with your circle members and an investment in this valuable healing work and business offering, so that you can continue to do what you love, best be of service and support your community!

Does this resonate with you? Can you relate? I’d love to know your thoughts and experiences with all this! Share below or feel free to get in touch at lucy@reconnected.me

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