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“Supporting your growth through connection and community.”

About Reconnected.me

Reconnected.me is a connection hub of yoga, meditation, sound healing and sacred women’s circles in Sydney. The intention is to walk alongside and support you through your journey of reconnecting with yourself and each other.


To reconnect is to get back in touch with the essence of Self and community that has been forgotten along the way in this human experience. It’s about peeling back the layers and self-discovery. It’s about reconnecting with our hearts, coming home to ourselves, remembering who we are and walking this path together. 

Meet Lucy

Yoga Teacher

“What are you doing with your life?” This was a question I asked myself several years ago. I was on a path of nutrition and health, which I love for my own lifestyle, but I knew it wasn’t my path of service.

One day I walked into a local yoga studio after a friend gifted me a one month pass, and little did I know that my life would change forever.

I experienced different classes and the teachings went beyond the physical practice. They included mindfulness, philosophy, meditation and breath, which were already part of my world. I realised this was more than just yoga poses. This was a way of life. The most incredible community was here too. It felt like home.

I started to notice how yoga made me feel, how it impacted my everyday life and how much I loved the community. Before I knew it, I had a consistent practice, did my teacher training, began teaching and was a yoga teacher! (Click the “find out more” button below to read on!)

Women’s Circle Facilitator

I began attending women’s circles at the yoga studio, and each time we gathered, there was a feeling present within me that I could not ignore. I continued going back regularly and noticed how I felt connected, heard, supported and understood. I received so many gifts and learned of the ancient ritual of women gathering, and wondered, “Why did we stop gathering like this?” This is part of who we are. This is connection with ourselves and each other.

I decided I wanted to create a space like this for other women to slow down, self-care and connect. I did my circle facilitator training, and then, the Reconnected.me Women’s Circle was born.

Secret Women's Business

Secret Women’s Business: How To Grow and Sell Out Your Women’s Circles and Create Community (e-Book)

The 10 key factors that helped me to stand out as a Women’s Circle Facilitator, build community and consistently fill up my women’s circles, despite having several other women’s circles in my area.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve taken my women’s circles from zero to a full house each month, while creating a wonderful community around me.

Many of you who run your own circles, are about to run circles and struggle to put yourself out there on social media, have come to me with questions, struggles, needing guidance and support. 

So I created this guide for you, to show you how you can confidently turn your women’s circles into a sustainable side hustle while making a positive, purposeful impact and creating community.

Women's Circles

Women’s Circle
+ Sound Healing

LAST Wednesday of every month at Alasana Hypnotherapy & Yoga Sylvania.

Women’s Circles are an ancient ritual that have been present in many cultures and religious traditions around the world. Women and communities have been gathering in this way for a very long time, as a form of social interaction, being together and supporting one another. 

In circle, we share stories, experiences and wisdom. We listen, laugh, cry, learn, move, dance, write, play. You are seen, heard, supported, nurtured and understood. Most importantly you are free to be yourself and are accepted just as you are.

The Reconnected.me Women’s Circles are a safe, supportive and loving space, to slow down, connect with other like-minded women, reconnect with yourself and to remember who you are. Our Women’s Circles are located in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney.

Yoga + Meditation

Yoga for me, goes beyond fancy poses and getting upside down. Each time we practice, we have the opportunity to discover parts of ourselves that we may not even realise are there, by witnessing how we are on the mat as a mirror for how we are off the mat, in everyday life. We can gain deeper insight into who we are, if we are open and willing to notice. It’s all here… disguised as a headstand, lunge, backbend, deep stretch, animal pose, warrior pose, making shapes, or the final surrender.

And aside from all these things, it just FEELS so good!! 

Click the button below to find out more about my Yin Yoga and Meditation stories and offerings!

Sound Healing

The more I walk down this path of reconnecting, the more fascinated I become by sound, vibration and music. This has led me to learning and playing the Native American Flute in my classes, workshops, women’s circles and my Reconnected Grounding Experience.

When I play, I feel calm, grounded, and peaceful. The sound resonates in my body and takes me to a beautiful meditative place. Many of my students have shared similar experiences when I play for them.



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