Hi! I’m Lucy! Welcome to RECONNECTED.ME!

“Rediscovering our default state of health, bliss, love and true happiness is a continuous journey of being open, being curious and being willing to realise our truth and reconnect to our nature.”

– Lucy Lichtenstein


Reconnected.me is an all-encompassing health and life blog that compiles ideas, lessons, experiences and wholefood recipes that have been gathered through my continuous journey of health and exploration of reconnecting with and getting to know my true wild nature as a human and beyond.

I am a Sydney-based health, food and lifestyle writer, recipe developer, podcaster and a nutrition coach in-training. I find it a pleasure to help others with the gift of health through sharing both in person and through written words.

I am also an experiencer, philosophy geek, home cook, foodie, nature lover, explorer, adventurer, medicinal mushroom fiend, traveller and a loyal, supportive friend.  Experience has taken me in many different directions including plenty of time travelling, living and volunteering overseas, unfinished studies of Nutritional Medicine, working for health food companies, freelance writing, running a business, and perhaps the most powerful of all; pure, unfiltered self inquiry and exploration.

I am currently studying with Changing Habits Functional Nutrition Academy (almost finished!) and have been immersed in the health and food space for the past 6 years, helping people on a regular basis with nutrition and lifestyle tips, healthier food option ideas, sleep issues, the importance of gut and immune system health, as well as a vast range of other geeky healthy things. I am a sleep geek and have a key interest in this fascinating state we all have in common… sleep and it’s importance for health and healing.

My life journey has taken me from looking at what wild humans require to be healthy and how we were designed to live according to nature’s way… To then what naturally progressed into a continuous quest of asking, “What else? What is this life? Who am I? Why are we here? What is our nature?”

I am more inspired than ever to share through this platform. I will be writing about countless aspects of life such as health, nature, food, mindset, travel, spirituality, love, movement, philosophical musings and everything else in between. Basically, anything that plays a role in being reconnected and living consciously. I hope that I am able to help and inspire whoever might come across this space to ask questions, go beyond the physical, look within and be healthier and happier in the process.

What I won’t be doing here is claiming to be an expert or giving medical advice. With openness, curiosity and a love for growth, I am simply showing my heart, sharing what I have experienced, what has and hasn’t worked and what has become true to me, which can hopefully help you in your journey. As I continue to learn and evolve while moving through life, I am open to changing my ideas and perspectives.


If anything that I write about resonates with you, if you have any questions or would like me to appear on your podcast or website or for you to appear on mine, I would absolutely love to hear from you! Feel free to email me at reconnected.me@gmail.com