About Reconnected.me

Reconnected.me is a wellness hub of health information, Sacred Women’s Circles, yoga teaching and podcasts. Reconnected.me represents a journey of getting to know our nature and coming home to the Self. The women’s circles and yoga classes are themed in line with this, and the podcast and blog also invite exploration, expression and remembrance of who we truly are as humans and beyond…

About Lucy Lichtenstein

Lucy: “Reconnect with your heart. Come home to yourself. Remember who you are. Let’s walk this path together.”

I am a Sydney-based wellness writer, yoga teacher, women’s circle facilitator and host of the Reconnected.me Podcast.

Poetry, creative writing, movement, dance and play are my main forms of self expression. Nutrition is the foundation of my wellness philosophy. Nature/the earth is my home.

I have spent many years down the path of health and wellness, which naturally progressed into a wondrous path of heart and consciousness expansion.

Reconnecting with and remembering who I am is my life’s journey. Walking alongside others on this journey home to the Self is my path of heart. My purpose is to inspire others to remember who they are… By example. By inquiry. By forgetting and sharing realisation. By experience. By empowerment. By love ❤

I believe in spreading love, health, kindness and inspiration. I love all things connection, community and bringing people together 

Part of my expansion and consciousness journey has been through yoga; practising, training to become a teacher and teaching itself. Find out more about my offerings of facilitating yoga here.

Since attending many women’s circles, I have found them to be a beautiful, magical and empowering experience that drew me towards training to become a circle facilitator, to be able to create a safe place and hold space for other women to give themselves the gift of connection and community. Find out more about women’s circles here.

Want to know more about Lucy?? Check out this interview on Wholesome Radio with That Bowl Girl, with a discussion about many of Lucy’s favourite areas of interest…. Women’s circles, health and wellness, community, holding Space and the deeper rabbit holes of life!



The Best Women’s Circle I’ve Ever Been To

I recently attended my first women’s circle with Lucy and it was the best women’s circle I’ve ever been to. She has some serious skill and radiates a really spiritual vibe that enabled all the women in attendance to engage, share and feel connected. The range of activities and discussions had something for everyone and I enjoyed it all. The studio it’s held in is beautifully presented and felt warm and welcoming. Looking forward to the next one. 

Angie J.

A Warm and Welcoming Space for Openness, Reflection and Inspiration.

I have found women’s circle to be a beautiful way to connect and share with other women, and to journey within to discover more about myself. Lucy’s nurturing energy creates a warm and welcoming space for openness, reflection and inspiration.
With Lucy’s gentle guidance we have a safe place to share our unique thoughts and experiences, while honouring the connection we all have with each other, as women gathered together in circle.
Kristen B.

Feeling Lighter, Brighter and More Connected to Myself

I am so grateful for Lucy. She oozes patience, love and generosity. She has the perfect balance between strength and softness, and her women’s circles and yoga classes reflect this. I always leave her sessions and circles feeling lighter, brighter and more connected to myself and life, than when I first entered!

Daniela M.

Lovely, Supportive and Wonderful Experience

I have been to a few of Lucy’s women’s circles and it has been a lovely, supportive and wonderful experience every time. Lucy holds a beautiful and safe space for us all to share in. Thanks so much Lucy, I can’t wait for the next women’s circle! Xx

Renee K.

I Always Feel Such Warmth and Comfort

Lucy is an incredible yoga teacher and workshop facilitator. I love going to her classes and events because I always feel such warmth and comfort. She is so welcoming and I feel heard with whatever needs I have. I really enjoy her style of yoga, which is down to earth with authenticity.

I would highly recommend going to her yoga and events that she holds if you can, they are very special.

Peter W.

Warm, Welcoming and Nurturing Space

Beautiful circle. Lucy creates a really warm, welcoming and nurturing space. Connected to some amazing women and friendships created.

Marisa G.

A Beautiful Experience

What a beautiful experience our woman’s circle was last night. Thank you for hosting and sharing your heart and space Lucy x

Kelly D.

A Safe and Supportive Space

I went to Lucy’s women’s circle a few weeks ago. It was the first time I’d been to one and didn’t know what to expect. And I loved it! It’s such a safe and supportive space. There’s nothing like connecting with and sharing space with like minded women. I highly recommend.

Victoria H.

To Feel Heard and to Hold Space For Each Other and to Know All is Welcome Here

I love Lucy’s Women’s Circle! Lucy has such a warm welcoming presence and its so healing to gather and connect with sisters in community. To feel heard and to hold space for each other and to know all is welcome here. Lucy’s topics and practices make for a lovely safe space to connect deeply with each other to do just that!

Rebecca R.

A Supportive and Uplifting Environment

Lucy ran the first women’s circle I’ve ever attended and it was amazing! She creates such a supportive and uplifting environment. I will definitely be attending more in the future.

Mandy B.

An Immediate Feeling of Connectedness and Knowing

I have never been to a women’s circle before and I can’t even begin to explain adequately how beautiful I found it….BUT I will try! From the moment I stepped foot inside the room with Lucy and the other women there was an immediate feeling of connectedness and knowing. Lucy held the space for us all beautifully and her voice just sent me straight into a peaceful state which allowed me to experience the full benefit of the meditation, and what an amazing meditation it was incorporating yin yoga! Lucy didnt just hold the space…she was right in there with us which I found also put me at ease.

To be able to provide women a space to experience that deep connection with other women whilst enabling them time and a listening ear (many ears) to truly explore their own soul is a very special gift! Lucy I am so grateful that I discovered you and this circle and I look forward to attending many of more.

Denise M.

An Invigorating Flow Class with a Spiritual Flavour

I highly recommend Lucy for an invigorating flow class with a spiritual flavour. Her coaching enables you to be present through mindfulness and meditation. By sharing her philosophy throughout the class, each session is elevated beyond yoga. I’m a convert 

Manuela V.

I Left Feeling Huge Amounts of Love and More Connected to Myself and Others

Lucy is one of those beautiful human beings who radiates love and acceptance. She is very knowledgeable in reconnecting with ones self on a mind, body, spirit level as well with those that surround you.

I left the woman’s circle feeling huge amounts of love and more connected to myself and others than I ever had.

I highly recommend attending, and is something I will doing again soon.

Sara F.

Warm and Welcoming

Lucy is incredibly talented at holding space for women to explore their own journeys and share an uplifting evening of connection and playful exploration. Her women’s circles are a warm and welcoming space for all to enjoy, and she is always developing new ideas and approaches to bring growth to the sessions. Wholeheartedly recommend!

Liesbeth G.

Warm, Friendly, Judgement-free. Feels Like a Nice Big Hug at the End of a Tough Day

I love going to these circles. Lucy is an amazing, warm facilitator. The space she creates is warm, friendly, judgement free and just feels like a nice big hug at the end of a tough day! In a nutshell: Relaxing, fun, and freeing.

Natalie B.

Compassion, Love and Connection

Lucy is an amazing facilitator of Women’s Circles. She brings her beautiful energy of compassion, love and connection to bring us all together and guide us through a journey of self discovery and personal growth. Love. Love. Love. Highly recommended!!!

Domna G.

A Wonderful Opportunity to Genuinely Connect with Like-Minded Women

I highly recommend the women’s circle with Lucy. Such a wonderful opportunity to genuinely connect with like-minded women. If you’ve been thinking about coming along, don’t hesitate any longer, you won’t regret attending! I hope to meet you there.

Clair C.