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“Supporting your growth through connection and community.”

About Reconnected.me

Reconnected.me is a connection hub of sacred women’s circles, yoga + sound and Reconnected experiences. Reconnected.me represents a journey of getting to know who we are, underneath it all, to reconnect with ourselves and each other.

The women’s circles, yoga, experiences and blog musings invite exploration into deeper places within.

To reconnect is to get back in touch with the essence of Self and community that has been forgotten along the way in this human experience. It’s about peeling back the layers and self-discovery. It’s about reconnecting with our hearts, coming home to ourselves, remembering who we are and walking this path together. 

Meet Lucy

Hi, I’m Lucy! I am a Sydney-based yoga teacher, women’s circle facilitator and wellness writer.

Women’s Circle Facilitator

Women’s circles came into my life at a time where I was really exploring what it meant and felt like to be part of something larger than myself. I had friends in many different circles, but was never really part of a larger community or tribe. I knew that this was a missing piece in my wellness puzzle, so I started attending several different women’s circles and gatherings. 

I observed myself going back each week, and noticed how I felt every time. It was like a subtle knowing, that this is part of who I am, and who we are.  I wanted to create a safe space for women to connect, be seen, heard and felt, to be understood deeply, to be themselves, a space to come home, reconnect and remember. And then, the Reconnected.me Women’s Circle was born.

Yin Yoga Teacher

I realised early on in my yoga journey that the physical asana poses are a vehicle for Self-discovery, awareness and inquiry, and are only part of the whole yoga picture. 

My personal practice teaches me to show up, even when it’s challenging, to do the work, stay open, to check-in, take time out for myself and commit to this journey of expansion, on and off the mat. 

Yin Yoga in particular is my favourite to teach and practice. It is an incredibly grounding, calming, de-stressing, blissful, sometimes challenging, form of yoga. 

Reconnected Tribe

Are you unsure of where you fit in? Are you looking to find your tribe?
Are you looking for connection with like-minded women?
Are you unable to attend a women’s circle in your area?

Then Reconnected Tribe is for you!

The Reconnected Tribe is an online women’s circle community that is all about connection. Connection with ourselves and each other. We are social and tribal beings. Connection nourishes this aspect of ourselves and is key for health and happiness.

In-person community and connection is wonderful, but some of you don’t have access to a women’s circle or community gathering in your area. I want to facilitate a space for you to be able to connect with other like-minded women and find your tribe, no matter where you are. 

Womens Circles

Women’s Circles are an ancient ritual. Women and communities have been gathering in this way for a very long time. 

In circle, we share stories, experiences and wisdom. We listen, laugh, cry, learn, move, dance, write, play. We are seen, heard, supported, nurtured and understood. Connecting in this way is nourishment for the soul.

The Reconnected.me Women’s Circles are a safe, supportive and loving space, to slow down, connect with other women, reconnect with yourself and to remember who you are.

Women’s Circle
+ Sound Healing

First Wednesday of every month at HYA Yoga Miranda.

Yoga + Sound

Yoga for me, goes beyond fancy poses and getting upside down. From my experience, it also encompasses unity, tribe, connection, remembrance, inspiration, love, understanding, realisation, confusion, emotion, felt sense, letting go, resistance, fear, grounding, flow, space, movement, play, joy, freedom, bliss, creativity, wisdom, healing, falling down, getting up. 

Each time we practice, we have the opportunity to learn about ourselves by witnessing how we are on the mat as a mirror for how we are off the mat, in everyday life. We can gain deeper insight into who we are, if we are open and willing to notice.

It’s all here… disguised as a headstand, lunge, backbend, deep stretch, animal pose, warrior pose, making shapes, or the final surrender.

And aside from all these things, it just FEELS so good!! 

I completed yoga teacher training at HYA Yoga Studio and Training Academy at Miranda, Sydney. I practice and teach Vinyasa flow and Yin Yoga.



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I will get back to you as soon as possible. Love, Lucy xx