About Reconnected.me

Reconnected.me is a wellness hub of health information, Sacred Women’s Circles, yoga teaching and podcasts. Reconnected.me represents a journey of getting to know our nature and coming home to the Self. The women’s circles and yoga classes are themed in line with this, and the podcast and blog also invite exploration, expression and remembrance of who we truly are as humans and beyond…

About Lucy Lichtenstein

Lucy: I am a Sydney-based wellness writer, yoga teacher, women’s circle facilitator and host of the Reconnected.me Podcast.

Poetry, creative writing and play are my main forms of self expression. Nutrition is the foundation of my wellness philosophy. Nature/the earth is my home

I have spent many years down the path of health and wellness, which naturally progressed into a wondrous path of heart and consciousness expansion.

Reconnecting with and remembering who I am is my life’s journey. Walking alongside others on this journey home to the Self is my path of heart and purpose.

I believe in spreading love, health, kindness and inspiration. I love all things connection, community and bringing people together 

Part of my expansion and consciousness journey has been through yoga; practising, training to become a teacher and teaching itself. Find out more about my offerings of facilitating yoga here.

Since attending many women’s circles, I have found them to be a beautiful, magical and empowering experience that drew me towards training to become a circle facilitator, to be able to create a safe place and hold space for other women to give themselves the gift of connection and community. Find out more about women’s circles here.


“Rediscovering our natural design of health, bliss, love and true happiness is a continuous journey of being open, being curious and being willing to realise our truth and reconnect with our nature.”

~ Lucy Lichtenstein

If anything that I write about resonates with you, if you have any questions, feedback or would like me to appear on your podcast or website or for you to appear on mine, I would absolutely love to hear from you!

Feel free to email me at lucy@reconnected.me

You can also contact me at this address regarding women’s circles and yoga.