Hi! I’m Lucy! Welcome to RECONNECTED.ME!

“Rediscovering our default state of health, bliss, love and true happiness is a continuous journey of being open, being curious and being willing to realise our truth and reconnect to our nature.”

– Lucy Lichtenstein 


About Reconnected.me

Reconnected.me is an all-encompassing health and life blog written by Lucy Lichtenstein. It compiles ideas, lessons, experiences and wholefood recipes that have been gathered through my continuous journey of health and exploration of reconnecting with and getting to know my nature as a human and beyond.

This website started out as a medium to write and share experientially. It then expanded into the podcast realm. I am now also running my own Sacred Women’s Circles, which are themed in line with what the blog and podcast represent… exploring and getting to know parts of our nature that exist within all of us, to realise, remember and express who we truly are. It is a journey back to the Self.


About Lucy

Lucy Lichtenstein is a wellness writer, yoga teacher, women’s circle facilitator,  and podcast host of the Reconnected.me Podcast.

Lucy has worked in the health and wholefood space for the past 6 years, helping people with nutrition, lifestyle and health. Experience has taken her in many different directions throughout life (the colourful path of a hummingbird – collecting a little bit from here and a little bit from there). This includes plenty of time travelling, living and volunteering overseas, studies of nutrition and wellness, working for health food companies, freelance writing, running a business, and perhaps the most powerful of all; pure, unfiltered self-inquiry and exploration.

Lucy is also a philosophy geek, writer of conscious poetry, foodie, nature lover and adventurer. Her life journey has taken her from looking at what humans require to be healthy by living close to our natural design as possible in a modern context, according to nature’s way. This then naturally progressed into a continuous quest of asking, “What else? What is this life? Who am I? Why are we here? What is our nature?”

Lucy believes in spreading love, health, kindness and inspiration. Her path of heart is to share from her experience to help, support, serve and walk alongside others in realising one of life’s greatest and most wonderful mysteries of getting to know who we truly are, as unique expressions of love… a continuous journey of heart and consciousness expansion, remembrance and realisation, all leading back to reconnecting with the Self. She feels we are here to be in communities, to connect, collaborate, contribute and to express the innate tribal part of our nature.

Since attending women’s circles for much of 2017, Lucy has found them to be a beautiful, magical and empowering experience that drew her towards training to become a circle facilitator herself, to be able to create a safe place and hold space for other women to give themselves the gift of circle. Find out more about women’s circles here.



If anything that I write about resonates with you, if you have any questions or would like me to appear on your podcast or website or for you to appear on mine, I would absolutely love to hear from you! Feel free to email me at reconnected.me@gmail.com You can also contact me at this address regarding women’s circles.